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INTERVIEW : Stewartie Adams from LYIN RAMPANT



We have talked with the legendary singer and guitarist of Lyin Rampant and Tytan, mister Stewartie Adams...

1. Hi Stewartie, tell us your music history and when you formed your group?,,,,

It all started back in 1981 when i joined my first Pro band, London based rockers Tytan... TYTAN : Original line up : 1981 : Kal Swann
(vocals), Steve Gibbs (guitar), Stewartie Adams (guitar), Kevin Riddles (bass), Dave Dufort (Hermien Jerian-Dufort) (drums)... Ex-ANGEL
WITCH men Dave Dufort and Kevin Riddles formed London based Heavy Metal outfit TYTAN in September 1981. 

The original incarnation of the band comprised of Dufort, Riddles, vocalist Kal Swann and guitarists Steve Gibbs and myself. 
Dufort had, previous to ANGEL WITCH, amassed quite a history in the Rock world with bands stretching back into the early 60's including THE VOICE, THE SCENERY, MIKE OLDFIELD and KEVIN AYERS. 
The drummer was also involved in NW0BHMers the E.F. BAND. Despite a fanfare of press i  left within months and later got together and ended up fronting LYIN' RAMPANT. 

I was superseded by ex-A II Z man Gary Owens. TYTAN received substantial major record company interest, but opted to sign with indie Kamaflage Records and laid down plans to release the 'Blind Men And Fools' single during 1982 in advance of a proposed album. 
Unfortunately, despite the album being recorded albeit without myself  or Gary Owens who also quit the group in 1982, Kamaflage Records went under before it could be released. 
It would not be before 1985 when the album, aptly titled 'Rough Justice', finally emerged through the Metal Masters label...

I came back home to Glasgow,Scotland in 1982 and got together with old friends Cami Morlotti,Stewart Campbell and DD Gray  to form a band called
FALKEN, after a few months i then teamed up with  ex HEAVY PETTIN guitarist Eddie Trainer, drummer Tam Creamer (Tam Cramer) vocalist
Gordon Johnston and Cami Morlotti again, later to be replaced by Edinburgh born bass player Georgie Pringle, after the band named  Escape
had to be changed  to form LYIN' RAMPANT, Stewartie took over the vocals when Gordon had to leave the band  in 1986, they later added
keyboard player Paul Stephens also from Edinburgh, The band eventually split in 1991 due to the unfortunate demise of Prism records and a
number of line up changes...
Now with Italian Independent Record company, Heart of Steel Records...

2. What is the genre you prefer?

Hard Rock / Metal, etc...

3. What is the source of inspiration for the lyrics? Who writes them?

Mainly me ,but in most cases everyone in the band at the time contributed to the songs ...

4. What are the reasons by which you decide to give your band the name

The band started life as Escape but we had to change the name as the late Clive Burr Ex Iron Maiden had a band of the same name as far as i know, so Lyin Rampant was born ...

5. Have you played in some important festivals?

Just a couple of small festivals nothing too big...

6. I would like to have your own point of view about the poor sales of the
CD's, it's caused by the internet? technological development?
or it's changed the mentality of the fans?,,,

Most people i know of my age ( Not that old )!!!...still like having CD's or vinyl Albums as you can hold it in your hands and look at the art work,read the contents about the artist's you are listening to etc, so that might have something to do with it , Or maybe i'm just gettin old ?????



7. What you think about the actualy UK music scene?

Not enough Rock ...!!!???

8. Two releases from the old demotapes, published in the digital market, what
 are your expectations?

Of course i would love them to do well as i would like any royalties that is made from the recordings to go to a charity of Mirko Defox's
choice, as a way of thanx for bringing our old recordings back to life again and for making me feel part of the rock scene again after all
these years...( You never know i might even make a comeback someday like some others )Lol...

9. Tell us a few funny anecdotes, in the past?

Just watch Spinal Tap thats about right, And believe it or not i even had a girlfriend called Janine, Which i thought was hilarious, Most
things in that movie happened...




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